There is a one month opportunity to pay Louisiana taxes, interest, and penalties for less. From from October 15th, 2014 through November 14th, 2014 individual and business taxpayers can pay the delinquent tax accounts and file overdue tax returns.

Amnesty will be granted only for eligible taxes to eligible taxpayers who applied during the amnesty period. And who pay or enter into an installment agreement to all the tax have an interest do and all fees and costs for the Pierce designated on the amnesty application

If the application is approved by the Secretary of the Department of Revenue, all other interest and penalties associated with the tax periods will be waived . In  other words if the Amnesty is  approved, the taxpayer only has to pay half the interest and no penalties.

It gets even better,the taxpayer can pay the delinquent amount in installments.

What taxpayers are eligible for Amensty?

Not all taxpayers are eligible for amnesty. There are 5 basic categories of taxpayers who are eligible for amnesty. Taxpayers who fail to file a tax return or report. Taxpayers who fail to report all income or all tax ,interest and penalties that were due. Taxpayers who claimed incorrect credits or deductions.Taxpayers  who misrepresented or omitted any tax due. Certain taxpayers under audit or  in administrative or judicial litigation.

What taxpayers do not qualify for Amensty?

Taxpayers involved in the criminal investigation or criminal litigation for taxes administered by the Louisiana Department of  Revenue do not qualify for Louisiana tax amnesty 2014.

Income tax and sales tax are eligible for the amnesty program. Certain taxes  are not eligible for amnesty.

Frequently Asked Questions

* Are income taxes due for 2012 eligible for Amensty?

Yes , income taxes due for 2012 are eligible for amnesty . Taxes due  prior to January 1, 2014 are eligible for Amensty.

*Is the person in bankruptcy eligible for a Amensty?

Yes,Ia person in bankruptcy is eligible and  should consult with an attorney to determine if the amnesty program would be beneficial. If you wish to consult with us contact us at 225 769 4200.

*What if a taxpayer has not filed all of his Louisiana returns?

The taxpayer will have to file all outstanding Louisiana tax returns and pay the tax and 50% of interest balance owed.

*Does a taxpayer need to hire an accountant or an attorney 2206 them with the amnesty program ?

The taxpayer can represent himself and file for  Amensty. However in complicated tax matters; it is always advisable to see the  assistance of trained and experienced professionals.


Pete Losavio




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